Westchester's Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Her Faith

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Hillary Clinton opened up about her religious views at the United Methodist Women Assembly recently.
Hillary Clinton opened up about her religious views at the United Methodist Women Assembly recently. Photo Credit: File

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- For the first time in recent memory, Democratic presidential front-runner and Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton spoke openly about her religious roots, according to The Washington Post. 

Clinton spoke to about 7,000 women at the United Methodist Women Assembly on Saturday, April 26, in Louisville, Ky. In her address, the former secretary of state discussed her relationship with her youth pastor in Illinois and her experiences in religious groups at Wellesley College, The Washington Post said. 

Clinton caught flak during her last presidential campaign in 2008, both by conservatives and liberals for different reasons, The Washington Post reported. 

Clinton has yet to announce if she plans to run for president in 2016. 

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More than 200 years after Thomas Jefferson and James Madison launched the freedom of religion v. freedom from religion debate, Monday's U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing prayer at government meetings suggests the Jeffersonians and Madisonians remain in a dead heat.

On another note, isn't it amazing how all of the representatives, no matter where they serve, come out of the woodwork at election time; introducing legislation and proclamations, when you barely hear from them while in office? Lowey, Maloney and the remainder of the so-called Liberals all closet voices; now shouting from the rooftops. As to Clinton, more and more information is being learned about her and Bill in their roles as major political figures over the past twenty years. Lewinsky, Benghazi and any of the other scandals which follow these two around like squirrels looking for nuts. Don't let them fool you - they haven't changed one bit and I don't want the former President of the United States of America anywhere near the "[O]val office."

What a surprise!

Another article from the Hillary for President News Service.