Mario Cuomo Defends Son Andrew Amid Corruption Allegations

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Former Gov. Mario Cuomo spoke out recently to defend his son amid tampering allegations.
Former Gov. Mario Cuomo spoke out recently to defend his son amid tampering allegations. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo is defending his son and current Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid allegations he tampered with the commission to root out government corruption, according to the New York Daily News. 

The elder Cuomo called his son an honest politician and said he wished he were as "good a man as my son is," the Daily News reported. 

Andrew Cuomo is in hot water after The New York Times reported Cuomo and his administration tampered with the Moreland Commission on ethics every time a name or entity with ties to the governor would arise. 

Since Cuomo prematurely disbanded the commission, U.S. Attorney Attorney Preet Bharara has taken over the investigations and is looking into Cuomo, the Daily News said. 

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Comments (4)

Aw...isn't that cute...corrupt Daddy protecting corrupt Son.

The apple never falls from from the tree !

Maybe Daddy Cuomo can leave Matilda and take up with a Food Network Star so he can be as good as his son !

Maybe Andy can move into Daddy's Sutton Place housing units, you know the all un-minority neighborhoods of NYC.

Maybe Daddy needs to pro-actively support Planned Parenthood like his son while currying favor with his Church pals as Andy does. I am sure the NY Cardinal will call Mario his friend too.

What else would you expect Mario Cuomo to say about his son? But the facts are there. You can see that he wasn't very good when he was with HUD. He is just another political hack. He is in bed with Sheldon Silver another political hack and probably even worse. Just look at all the scandals within the democratic organization in new York and all those that were arrested for corruption. It is a cover up. The democrats are really good at that.