Jenkins Asks GOP To 'Legally' Pass Westchester Budget

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Westchester County legislature Chairman Kenneth Jenkins (D-Yonkers) asked Thursday to meet with Minority Leader James Maisano (R-New Rochelle). Photo Credit: File

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Despite finding procedural flaws in how Republicans presumably passed the 2013 Westchester County budget on Friday, Democratic leaders asked Thursday to meet with Republicans and find a way to “legally” pass it.

Kenneth Jenkins (D-Yonkers), chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, would not acknowledge Monday that Republicans had passed a budget, because he said the budget had been send back to a committee and the meeting adjourned before a vote took place. Despite that, all seven Republicans and two defecting Democrats remained in the chamber Friday and passed their own “bi-partisan” budget with a 9-0 vote.

“Important questions will need to be answered before county leaders can unequivocally say that they have reached a satisfactory and final conclusion in the budget process,” said Jenkins, who asked Thursday to meet with Minority Leader James Maisano (D-New Rochelle).

Jenkins said there were “potentially disqualifying procedures” during the vote, but if “cleaned up” the budget passed Friday could be legally passed.

Maisano said Monday that the "bi-partisan coalition" of seven Republicans and two Democrats passed their budget legally.

"There’s nothing to work on," Maisano said. "We have a county budget signed by the county executive. It’s law."

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Comments (4)


Really? What part of the budget has already been legally passed doesn't Mr Jenkins understand? Perhaps he should ask his two Democrat colleagues. I am sure they can enlighten him.
Mr Jenkin's, please move on and get back to working with your colleagues on both sides, to help Westchester's economy grow to get people back to work and reduce the tax burden on our communities.
Rob Astorino has been the best thing for Westchester County in a very long time (remember Andy Spano?).


Jenkins does remember andy and longs for the days when he and andy could play in the big Westchester sand box wasting millions and having a great time with the rest of the merry band, playtime is over mr. jenkin.


The more he says the bigger fool he becomes. Move on Kenny and maybe the big boys will let you play with them.

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