Woman Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charges In Yonkers

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The above pit bull was one of three dogs found malnourished in a Yonkers apartment.
The above pit bull was one of three dogs found malnourished in a Yonkers apartment. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Westchester SPCA

YONKERS, N.Y. -- A 39-year-old Yonkers woman was arrested on Tuesday, April 15, by the SPCA of Westchester’s Law Enforcement Division and charged with three counts of cruelty and three counts of abandonment after allegedly leaving her animals with insufficient water and food, according to a release.

A Yonkers Fire Department investigation reportedly revealed that three pit bulls, three gerbils and one turtle were found abandoned in the Orchard Place apartment of Elizabeth Martin.

According to Ernest Lungaro, director of humane law enforcement for the SPCA, the animals were not cared for over a period of 10 days. The animals were rushed to a local veterinarian, who determined that all three dogs were emaciated and dehydrated.

Rocky, a 3-year-old pit bull weighed 39 pounds, making him about 40 pounds underweight. Two younger dogs, both 1 to 1-1/2 years of age, were 20-25 pounds underweight. One of them is suffering from an untreated ringworm infection, and all three had severely overgrown nails.

Martin is due to appear in court in Yonkers on Wednesday, April 23.

“We were fortunate to be notified of this situation in time to save the animals,” SPCA Westchester Director Ernest Lungaro said in a statement. "Animals should never be left without sufficient food and water for any length of time. Anyone who suspects that an animal is being abandoned or treated inhumanely should call the SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Hotline at 914-941-7797. All calls are confidential.”

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Comments (4)

I hope she is punished severely enough to get the word out that Animal Cruelty is not going to be tolerated~ The above post is correct! No way did this happen in 10 days! Reach out to your shelter if you need help!Maybe they can steer you in the right direction. Some food banks carry dog food if you are in need...

My dog lived for 16 years. She had to be put down because I saw her having difficulties and pain due to arthritis in her hind legs. If it weren't for that, she would have lived another 16 years. It's not an easy task taking care of your pet. I made sure that whatever was done to and for her, I would like to have done to myself. In other words, I treated her like a human. I walked her 3 times daily, made sure her food and water dish were always kept full and took her to the vets once a year whether she needed it or not. Owning a pet is hard, especially when It comes time to say goodbye.

That animal didn't lose 40 pounds in ten days. It was consistently neglected over a long period of time. I will only say that I hope they throw the book at her, and may Rocky and the other animals find loving homes where they can get the love and care they need.