Train Station Robbery Suspect Assigned New Lawyer

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New Rochelle resident Olivier Famby, 19, is accused of eight robberies across the Sound Shore region, including three in Pelham, police said.
New Rochelle resident Olivier Famby, 19, is accused of eight robberies across the Sound Shore region, including three in Pelham, police said. Photo Credit: Pelham Police Department

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - The man charged with committing a string of eight armed robberies near Metro North stations was assigned a new lawyer after telling a judge in Westchester County court Thursday his previous one laughed at him.

Olivier Famby, 19, is charged with committing robberies in New Rochelle, Pelham, the Town and Village of Mamaroneck and Harrison in early 2012.

Thursday, the New Rochelle resident told Judge Lester Adler that his defense attorney, Harvey Loeb, was not representing him properly.

"Everytime we have a conversation I feel like he's laughing at me, like he doesn't take me seriously," Famby told the judge. 

Adler granted the request and assigned the case to Kevin Griffin. 

Famby is charged with eight counts of first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree assault, all felonies; one count of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor; and one count of criminal possession of stolen property, the District Attorney’s Office said.

The robberies occurred in Pelham on Jan. 12, Jan. 31 and March 28; New Rochelle on Jan. 29, involving two victims; the Town of Mamaroneck on Jan. 17; and the villages of Mamaroneck and Harrison on Feb. 9.

Famby is due back in court Jan. 24. 

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Comments (4)

This person should have a life sentence in jail for the rest of his life. He's very uncontrollable and I think he will continue robbing if he's going to get bailed.

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He is clearly trying to work the system. Who cares. Why doesn't he take accountability for his actions. He terrorized our residents and would have continued to do so.

I can't believe they got anyone for these robberies from the New Haven Line stops. He ripped off a lot of people but going through the Justice System is unfortunately a problem when it comes to a conviction. Our Justice System does not work he could get away with this. He knows what buttons to push and is playing games with the lawyers who have been assigned to him. It is hard being a public defender and they aren't paid enough as it is. This person could have said something worse. I worked with teens like this and one told my school that I slapped her when I was breaking up a fight the girl was involved it. It is a way of diffusing a situation and taking the blame off oneself (a con). People lie as if it is nothing and unfortunately innocent people have been hurt as a result. I was lucky that the administration did not believe the girl after talking to me and I had a Union Rep with me for my own protection when I was questioned. It just didn't make sense that I would slap the girl but I could have hit her while pulling her off the other girl she was on top of. The administration should have interviewed me after the incident but waited till after a weekend to interview me. I did not want to get involved except to report the fight but my students who were developmentally disabled had asked me to help them because the fight was in the hall by their classroom and were scared to go by. I was at lunch in a room nearby. When it comes to a trial or even a plea bargain, it is the lawyer who has the better argument who usually wins the case. It is not about actually who did it and has been this way for a long time.