Letter: Dem Leader Criticizes 'Compromise' County Budget

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The former Executive Director of the Westchester County Democratic Party, Marc S. Oxman, sent this letter to The Daily Voice giving his take on how the 2013 county budget was passed Dec. 10.

Having voted for the 2013 Astorino budget, Democratic legislators Michael Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez are, no doubt, taking great delight in their assumed roles as great compromisors. Before we erect statues for them in front of the County Office Building, however, let’s take a moment to consider what’s really going on here. Are they truly the bipartisan voices of reason that they profess, or, instead, have they sold out the people of Westchester?

County Executive Rob Astorino sent down an astonishingly callous budget for 2013, which only makes sense if viewed from the perspective of his extreme Tea Party followers. As in the past, he proposed radical cuts in child care, health care, senior programs and other essential services. The Astorino strategy was to, then, negotiate concessions from the Board of Legislators. His “compromise” would leave the needy in not quite the deep hole that he originally proposed… but deep enough to satisfy his conservative base.

Since the Democrats hold a 10-7 majority on the Board, Astorino needed help from the other side of the aisle. That’s where Kaplowitz and Perez stepped in. Whether by reason of their naiveté, or because of promises for future considerations, they abandoned their party and abandoned the principles for which their party stands. By voting for a Tea Party budget, Kaplowitz and Perez are singularly responsible for the elimination of jobs, cuts in funding to not-for-profit agencies and slashing of vital services.

Time will tell why Kaplowitz and Perez voted for this bogus “compromise.” Let’s keep an eye out to see if they receive appointments from the Astorino administration, or if, coincidentally, the Republicans choose not to run anyone against them in the upcoming Legislative election. Let’s see if they are true believers of the Tea Party manifesto, or whether they are simply motivated by self-interest.

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Comments (3)

Mr. Oxman sounds jaded and bitter and clearly had his job for far too long. Mr. Oxmans' speculation on a the motives of Kaplowitz and Perez is quite amusing when one considers fact his own dish is none to clean. To add to my amusement he attempts to link all involved to what his party hates the most, the dreaded Tea Party. That aught to get everyone's blood pressure up. What Mr. Oxman, forgot to mention is that Rob Astorino is personally responsible for the Hindenburg disaster. Oh the Humanity! Sorry Mr. Oxman no moral high ground for you.

Mr Oxman, well spoken from a partisan. I think we the people have had our fill from the local all the way up to DC politics. A compromise was needed and we got it. I"m sure your party will retaliate in some way against those two who thought of the people of westchester before your party. Its sad that we don't have more check and balances. I"m sure you long of the days of how it was done when Spano was in office. We are still paying the highest taxes in the country, but as long as your party gets the last word, it doesn't really matter to you.

Dear Mr. Oxman, your points are very well taken from the perspective of a former leader of a party that has been hijacked by municipal unions fighting to keep their unsustainable level of pensions and benefit's at all costs. However, here in northern Westchester where we write the checks for a bloated County government but see little in return, our interests, both Democrat and Republican, are not usually aligned with yours.

Mike Kaplowitz is to be praised for supporting the best interests of his constituents above the best interests of you and the rest of the down County bosses.

In contrast, it is the lack of concern for the very voters "who brought him to the party" that makes Peter Harckhami's decision to support Ken Jenkins' juvenile antics even more disappointing.