Public Welcome At Pete Seeger Memorial Service Sunday

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A memorial for Pete Seeger, who died Monday at age 94, is set for Sunday, Feb. 2, in Beacon.
A memorial for Pete Seeger, who died Monday at age 94, is set for Sunday, Feb. 2, in Beacon. Photo Credit: Clearwater

BEACON, N.Y. -- A memorial service for singer/songwriter, conservationist and political activist Pete Seeger will be held at the Libby Funeral Home in upstate Beacon on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Seeger, who was a longtime resident of Beacon, died last Monday of natural causes in New York City at the age of 94.

According to Libby's President Harrison Libby, the memorial and wake will be held from noon to 6 p.m. and will be open to the public.

Seeger was internationally known as the author or co-author of folk song classics such as “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” “If I Had a Hammer,” and “Turn, Turn, Turn.”  Locally, he was involved in the environmental organization Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, which he co-founded in 1966.

Seeger and his wife Toshi, who died in July 2013, founded Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc. and the Great Hudson River Revival, the annual music and environmental festival that takes place at Croton Point Park in Croton. The Seegers lived in Beacon for 40 years.

Survivors include his son, Daniel; his daughters, Mika and Tinya; a half-sister, Peggy; and six grandchildren, including the musician Tao Rodriguez-Seeger.

The Libby Funeral Home is located at 55 Teller Avenue, Beacon, N.Y. 12508.

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Comments (2)

Weren't you the same turd who swore Jesus Christ was a card carrying communist?
He was in the CP back in the day when the US & the USSR were allies, as we battled to beat back the scourge of Hitler &Co.
Pete quit the party sometime in the late 40s, and admitted that he regretted not quitting sooner.
Who do you think was ringing the alarm bells to wake the world up to the onslaught of the Fascists and what that meant for all of us, especially the Jews of Europe?...You thought the courageous battle against Fascists was led by the Republican party in the USA?...the Joe Kennedys and the Charles Lindbergs, both admirers of Hitler Nazi movement?

Anti-semite? Or really?
What a born again putz like you has to say when no condemnation of Israel's passion for exterminating Palestinian's rights to exist is tolerated. The world is seeing how despicable the state of Israel has become. They lost a great friend and supporter when the South African apartheid government finally fell under the weight of its own disgusting practices. That is what is in store for Israel if saner heads don't prevail.
Insisting on robbing other people of their homeland because you claim your God told your people that they had the right to own it, 5000+ years ago- that is a good person like yourself can appreciate.
But a person who put his life on the line for other people's freedom is fair game for you?
I'd say shame on you punk, but I doubt you know the meaning of the word.

To say what you said proves that you are long past the point of being able to remove your head from your rectum.

Perhaps some Politburo people will attend?
A Stalinist and in some ways an anti semite but years have a way of dulling the facts.