White Plains Mayor Gives His OK To Metro-North Station Recommendation

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White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach
White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach Photo Credit: File, Brian Donnelly

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach is satisfied with the Mass Transit Task Force's recommendation to re-develop the White Plains Metro-North Station, he said in a statement.

The 31-person task force is recommending White Plains to study a multi-modal transportation center via a $1 million state grant, saying the facility could be a hub for public transit, according to a report by Lohud.com

The task force, which Roach was a part of, issued a 26-page executive summary, where it recommends "a new bus rapid transit (BRT) system that is simpler, faster and more reliable than what is provided today," according to the report. 

"At the very first meeting of Mass Transit Task Force, I voiced my concern that the future of mass transit for the region cannot be just about getting people onto trains and into Manhattan," Roach said in the statement.  

The studies undertaken and evaluated by the Task Force showed that the majority of commutes happen within one's county of residence or between Rockland and Westchester County, according to Roach.

"I was very pleased that the Task Force considered these commuters and passengers in their recommendations, while at the same time increasing and enhancing access for everyone to Metro-North stations," he said.  

He said the recommendations being put forward would enhance the city's reputation as a multi-modal transit hub, create transit-oriented economic development, provide a new gateway to the city, and advance the city's environmental and pedestrian friendly goals. 

Roach also thanked Governor Andrew Cuomo for his leadership in creating the Task Force.

The Task Force is also reportedly recommending a major expansion of the bus-rapid-transit network in the Lower Hudson Valley to support the new Tappan Zee Bridge, along with expanding service, planning for a transportation center in White Plains and adding sensors to aid buses through busy intersections in Westchester County.

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I was thinking the same thing Dr and it could have already been completed. Because Delfino proposed it, the All Dem CC shot it down.

White Plains could have had a new train station with shops and cafes with a new firehouse integrated in the building years back when louis cappellie wanted to build one but the White Plains CC shot it down when the then mayor Delfino.was for it