White Plains Department Of Public Works Works To Repair Potholes

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The White Plains Department of Public Works has repaired more than 7,000 potholes.
The White Plains Department of Public Works has repaired more than 7,000 potholes. Photo Credit: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons User Miguel Tremblay

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- The City of White Plains Department of Public Works has worked to repair more than 7,000 potholes this winter. 

Potholes have been repaired on the following streets: 

  • Bank Street from Fisher Avenue to Martine Avenue
  • Broadway at Lyon Place Intersection
  • Church Street / Church Street School
  • Davis Avenue
  • Ferris Avenue
  • Fisher at Orawampum Street
  • Fisher at Quinby Avenue
  • Fisher Avenue
  • Fisher Lane from MTA lot to Harlem
  • Harlem Avenue in front of Municipal Court
  • Hazelton Drive
  • Holland Avenue

Some roads within the city limits are maintained by the Westchester County of Public Works. These roads include:

  • Aqueduct Road
  • Bryant Avenue (North Street to Westchester
  • Central Avenue
  • Central Westchester Parkway
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • Mamaroneck Avenue (Bryant to Harrison


  • Intersection-Maple/Mamk. Avenue

  • Lake Street

  • Livingston at Greenridge

  • Livingston at Mamaroneck Avenue

  • Main Street from bridge to Bank Street

  • Mamaroneck Avenue (20 and 22)

  • Maple at Davis

  • Prescott at Fire House

  • South Kensico

  • Sterling / crosswalk

  • Wardman

  • North Street

  • Old Mamaroneck Road

  • Orchard Street (North Broadway to

    Central Westchester Parkway)
  • Post Road
  • Route 22 (North and South Broadway to

    Post Road)

  • Westchester Avenue

Residents who would like to report potholes on county maintained roads within the city limits should contact the Westchester County DPW at (914) 995-4951.

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The city didn't even clean the streets of snow. There are still lanes under snow especially downtown. The roads have not been paved and the patch repairs will only develop holes again. The city was a pedestrian nightmare as well. There were mounds of ice between sidewalks and the crosswalks. Bus stops were not cleared. Snow was left in crosswalks. Cars parked next to the snow putting them in the middle of streets and taking up driving areas. I imagine businesses did not fare well during this time.