N.Y. State Police: Stay Off The Roads During Nor'easter

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Photo Credit: Sue Guzman

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – New York State Police have issued a special travel bulletin requesting motorists to avoid all unnecessary travel during the nor'easter, Athena.

In the notification police said, "Motorists are having difficult time navigating the snow covered roads that have become slippery. Visibility is very limited due to the wind-swept snow. All police agencies are being stretched thin, with multiple issues involving many cars off roadways, motorists stranded, tractor trailers stuck on hills in roadways, blocking traffic. All assets are being used by DOT's, tow agencies, fire and police agencies, the added traffic just continues to exacerbate the conditions adding to the dangers to all motorists."

State police are urging drivers to find a safe location and refrain from driving until highway crews are able to manage the roadways. The nor'easter is expected to last until after midnight with a snow accumulation of 3 to 6 inches and winds with 30 to 40 mph gusts.

Officials are hopeful that the roads will become more passable by daybreak Thursday.

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Comments (3)

The roads were not plowed and there was a oversized boat being towed and it got stuck becuase of them not clearing the roads. As far as the tax dollars they are going into the pockets of the government employees for their paycheck, and benifits.. what a gig. ugh.. The more money they get the less they work

Exactly. And we're all left to fend for ourselves.

For anyone that's interested, here's an update:

After spending 6 1/2 hours on the road trying to get home last night, running out of gas and being forced to abandon my car, I woke up to find that my car had been towed along with all the rest.

You would think that they would give us a little time this morning to get out there and get our cars. To add insult to injury our cars were towed to the Shell station on RT 22 and S. Bedford road and the owner charged us $325 to tow the car one quarter of a mile. For anyone that doesn't know, this is the very same Shell station that gouges prices on gas on a daily basis. $5.09 for Premium today!

So after paying the $325 to this crook to get my car released I paid another $85 to fill up the tank since I was obviously still out of gas.

I will be going to the town to file a formal complaint and demand payment for the tow truck bill. I'll also be filing a complaint with the attorney general and requesting an investigation of the price gouging at this station.

Right. Well tell the state and local police, and Bedford road crews that they completely botched the response to this storm. They failed to do their jobs and left countless motorists stranded in the cold for up to 5 hours tonight.

Several of us ran out of gas on the road waiting for you to clear RT22 for SEVERAL HOURS. So we had no choice but to sit there in our cars without heat and freeze or abandon our cars on the side of the road and WALK up to 3 miles to safety in a snowstorm. How could this happen here? How could there be no direction or support from our Police? How could you have been so unprepared?

This was a debacle of epic proportions and was completely unacceptable. There were stuck motorists CRYING on the side of the road because they had already been stuck for HOURS and could not free their cars or had run out of gas. The already nightmarish scenario was made worse by the fact that callers to the Bedford and Armonk police departments were simply HUNG UP ON, YELLED AT, OR TOLD THAT THEY SHOULD EXPECT TO REMAIN THERE POSSIBLY UNTIL MORNING. We were told there was NOTHING you could do. Considering the fact that there isn't much crime to fight in our town what exactly is it that you are tasked to do?

Who is responsible for this mess and why are they still employed?

Why were the roads not SALTED BEFORE the storm? Why were the roads not PLOWED? Where were the POLICE????? Why were we hung up on when calling the station for HELP???????????

Those of us stuck on RT 22 and side roads for HOURS are DEMANDING answers. Where are our ridiculously high tax dollars being spent??

How do you plan on clearing these roads now with our cars abandoned all over the road??? And don't even think about towing our cars unless you are prepared to pay for it.