M.E.: White Plains Teacher Bled To Death After Abortion

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Jennifer Morbelli, 29, of New Rochelle died Feb. 7 in Maryland. She was a substitute teacher at Church Street Elementary School in White Plains. Photo Credit: Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Jennifer Morbelli bled to death following complications from an abortion, Bruce Goldfarb of the Montgomery County (Md.) Medical Examiner’s Office said.

Morbelli, 29, a substitute teacher at Church Street Elementary School in White Plains, went to an abortion clinic in Germantown, Md., run by Dr. LeRoy Carhart, according to Operation Rescue, a national anti-abortion group that keeps track of Carhart. The group says Morbelli, a New Rochelle resident, was in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

She was pronounced dead early Feb. 7 at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Maryland.

Morbelli died after amniotic fluid, the fluid that surrounds a baby in the uterus during pregnancy, spilled into her bloodstream, causing her to bleed to death, Goldfarb said.

“Bear in mind that this can happen with normal deliveries as well,” he said.

Morbelli had named her baby girl Madison Leigh. They are both interred at Greenwood Union Cemetery in Rye.

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Comments (4)


I wish you had done a better job of reporting this, because immediately a red flag is waving, questioning the veracity of the information presented. Tell me, why would a woman who had already named her child (and clearly others knew it, because you reported it) abort, especially at 33 weeks, were there not good cause? I find that extremely hard to believe, yet people are already casting aspersions.

TruthAboutWomen is spot on that this case is being used by Operation Rescue and that the Daily Voice has fallen prey to their propaganda by publishing this piece of yellow journalism is extremely disappointing.

Fifth Ave Guy:

I have no idea what Operation Resue is, but what this woman did was wrong and now Gov. Cuomo wants to legalize these proceedures in NY.

If there had been no complications with the abortion, this baby never would have been named or given a burial plot and that's just wrong to do 30 weeks into a pregnancy. What a horrible thing to do to a baby.


Unless you have her medical records (which is quite unlikely), you are assuming this was a "difficult but necessary late term abortion". Please be clear when you are stating your opinion and don't put out statements for which you have no ability to confirm their validity.

I have no interest in Operation Rescue, but I am saddened that any woman would risk her own life and take the life of her unborn child when the child could have been delivered normally in just a few short weeks. Even if her circumstances prevented her from raising the child, many others would have been happy to do so.


It offends women that White Plains Daily Voice is allowing itself to be used as a tool of Operation Rescue here. Operation Rescue is a radical, dangerous anti-choice group that harasses doctors, nurses and patients in their zeal to prevent legal abortions. This poor women died during a difficult but necessary late term abortion. This is not news. And it is sad that you have an editor who can't tell when he or she is being used.

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