How You Can Get Cable, Cell Credit In White Plains After Sandy

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Cable, satellite and wireless phone providers are issuing credits and refunds for customers in the are who were affected by superstorm Sandy.
Cable, satellite and wireless phone providers are issuing credits and refunds for customers in the are who were affected by superstorm Sandy. Photo Credit: Flickr user Mayham

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y.  – If you live in Westchester County and lost cellular phone, cable or satellite service during and after Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligible for some money back. 

Cablevision says its customers can receive a credit for any “full or partial day during which they were unable to access Optimum services,” according to a statement on its website.

“Customers who have experienced a loss of service should contact Cablevision within 30 days of service being restored and request a credit for their regular monthly charges during the period when Optimum TV, phone or Internet products were unavailable, including periods when there was no electricity to the home or business where the services are received,” according to the statement. 

Cablevision added: “In addition, customers will not be responsible for any damage to Cablevision equipment caused by the storm, and will be able to exchange damaged equipment at no cost.”

Verizon FIOS says it plans to extend credits for customers affected by the storm. "We routinely credit our customers when they’re out of service, whether for power outages or other reasons where service has been impacted. We will of course do the same for those affected by Hurricane Sandy," says spokesman Bill Kula.

Time Warner Cable and Cox announced that they are adopting similar policies, according to press releases.

DirecTV and Dish Network, the two largest U.S. satellite-TV providers, as well as Verizon’s FiOS TV service, are also providing credits for the time period during which customers were affected. Customers should call their individual providers for specific details.

Cellular phone provider Sprint said it would not charge Westchester County customers affected by the storm until later in the month. "To assist our customers impacted by the storm, Sprint is crediting back late fee, overage charges for voice, text and data; roaming fees; and call-forwarding fees for Sprint services used between Oct. 29 and Nov. 28,” it said in its website.

And AT&T said it will “extend late-payment window for wireless and landline customers who are behind, waive late payment fees and will not disconnect services because of non-payment.”

Verizon Wireless phone users "won’t be charged for “domestic voice and text usage” incurred between Oct. 29 and Nov. 12.," said a statement on its website.

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Comments (10)

How do you get credit from NYSEG? We were out 10 days.

You don't. You pay for the electricity you use. No service, no charges. I'd like credit for the propane I burned to run my generator. That cost was 600.00.

Hi Ruth,

Hope this helps.


CT has a law that if the power is out for over 48 hours, utility companies are required to rebate 2.5 % of annual revenues to customers. An incentive for getting the power back.

Time for NY to pass this law too!!

And both Feiner and the media should be more specific with regard to Verizon customers who have DSL telephone and internet connections. Neither of these are Verizon Wireless or FIOS which keep getting mentioned.

What if the various providers just eliminated all the "paperwork and phone-in requirements" and gave everyone in affected service areas a two week rebate.
Not as big a hit to the bottom line as you would assume were you to factor in that a good portion of the monthly bill is composed of taxes and fees and line charges AND there must be a calculable cost to handle customer requests for individualized refunds.

Instead, we have a prolonged agony and the recruitment of customers to qualify themselves.

And, how is the guilty party handling this. How say Con Ed with regard to issuing credits -- Con Ed knows which if its customers were without electricity and for how long. Meanwhile, is it confirmed that Con Ed is not covering any of the out of pocket costs that its customers footed? Thrown out food, meals eaten out, batteries, hotel charges?

If this was truly an extradordinary event, let Con Ed's common stock holders forgo their dividends (do NY State residents still get some tax benefit on them?) for one or two quarterly statements. Common stock dividends unlike bond interest or preferred stock dividends are paid from profits; profits which flow from corporate decisions to save the expense of having a Plan B in place.

FEMA, it should be noted, is funded by the government, we the taxpayers. It has used these dollars in other areas so there is no issue about the metropolitan area lining up in front of the FEMA window. However, FEMA should not be the only source or substituting for the "usual suspect".

Finally, regarding tree cutting. Some municipalities and utilities have been responsive, if not, aggressive in this area. However, many of the fallen trees and branches which have knocked out overhead utility lines were located on private property. Sometimes the result has caused grievous harm to neighbors sharing the same utility source. This presents an interesting question as to who is or who should be responsible for the consequences of an absent policy. Is Con Ed responsible for a power outage caused to the private property owner by the owner's own failure to tend to their own trees? Is a utility responsible for the loss of service to others sharing the utility lines but suffering as a result of the private property owner's "negligence".
Lawyers, feel free to jump in.

Hal Samis

Still don't have cablevision service back, and they seem totally unable to figure out what's going on. They sent a service tech to my house, even though we knew the problem wasn't at the house, and the tech confirmed what we already knew, that the problem was an area-wide outage. Next day, same tech is at my neighbor's house, even though they already knew the outage was area-wide. Since Thursday they've been telling us the problem will be fixed in 48 hours. There are cables flapping in the breeze off utility poles, but no cablevision trucks in sight. We deserve more than a refund.

Call Optimum. there is an auto feature on their servie to enter days out of service and # to register the outage!

FEMA should be more specific as to what residents are eligible to receive reimbursements for. So far, all they are doing is encouraging people to apply for funding.
Will FEMA reimburse for hotel stays....loss of bills...cost to clear trees from property...child care...lost income?
It would be very helpful if they would specify what people can receive.
In addition, Con Ed should be required to provide some reimbursement to their customers for the prolonged outages. 2 weeks without power is not an act of god-- it's an act of Con Ed not being prepared.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

Julie, thank you for this info. I will get all my credit for the various services when they are restored.
Yes, day 14 and still no optimum services ! I have had power since last Sunday and still not optimum services. I get no satisfaction as to when my service will be restored and would love it if you could write piece regarding this. E-mail me at