Former White Plains Mayor Released on $10 K Bail

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Randall Cutler (right), an attorney representing former White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley (left), has characterized phone calls from Bradley's cell to his wife's phone as accidental "pocket dials." Photo Credit: Sarina Trangle

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Former White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley spent approximately four hours in jail before posting the $10,000 bail ordered by a judge during Bradley's Tuesday arraignment on accusations that he called his wife against court orders.

Acting Supreme Court Judge Susan Capeci denied the Westchester District Attorney's Office's request for Bradley to be remanded or sent to jail without bail, and set the former Democratic assemblyman's bail at $10,000.

Randall Cutler, Bradley's attorney, previously described three phone calls from his client's Blackberry to his estranged wife's phone as accidental "pocket dials." 

Fumiko Bradley's number was in Bradley's phone history because their children use the number to contact him, according to Cutler.

Bradley, who resigned in February, will appear in court on Jan. 17 to face a misdemeanor second-degree criminal contempt charge accusing him of violating a court agreement banning him from contacting his wife.

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