Dorothy Botsoe Expands Realty Office To N. White Plains

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Dorothy Botsoe has established a new real estate office in North White Plains.
Dorothy Botsoe has established a new real estate office in North White Plains. Photo Credit: Contributed

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Dorothy Botsoe has expanded with a new real estate office in North White Plains.

Botsoe, born in Ghana, West Africa, and a licensed real estate broker, has been selling real estate for 25 years. 

Botsoe has listings all over Westchester County and some in Rockland. She is a foreclosure expert, and because there are so many foreclosures in Westchester, she is often the Realtor to whom Fannie Mae turns.  “I want to help first-time homebuyers," Botsoe said.

Botsoe said she plans to build a team in North Plains. “I plan to hire agents and expect to have even more longevity in this business,'' she said. "I have a solid business plan, but most importantly, my business will thrive because of relationships. I plan to give back to the community and, yes, earn money. Real estate has given me flexibility. It has given me control of my time and allowed me to manage a business."

Botsoe’s agency, Dorothy Jensen Realty, specializes in service. Botsoe was recognized by the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors Inc. as 2012 Realtor of the Year and before that by the New York State Women's Council of Realtors as Realtor of the Year. HGAR Inc. recognized her among 9,500 Realtors.

For seven years she was a volunteer firefighter in Hartsdale, where her office was then located. 

Fair housing and cultural diversity are also primary interests of Botsoe, and she teaches fair housing. "I want equality for all," said Botsoe, who emphasizes that education is of primary importance to upward mobility. She says her her goals are to help people stay in their homes or fulfill the American dream of homeownership.

Botsoe lived in Manchester, England, and went to school in Texas and Washington, D.C. She has three children.

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Dororthy Botsoe of Dorothy Jensen Realty is nothing short of a criminal. She is not the person she is making herself out to be in these articles. She has not been honest with me regarding a contract we have. Has refused to send me a copy of our signed agreement when asked. When emails and calls go unanswered for weeks she suddenly has been sick or one of her children have been sick. Fannie Mae is associating themselves with a low grade human being and "professional" who deserves to lose her license. She even recommends bankruptcy and provides you with attorney referrals for that service. Stay away and don't give business or associate yourself with this person or company.