Astorino's First Ad Focuses On Housing

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Rob Astorino, left, released his first ad, asserting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's housing plan would lower property values in Long Island.
Rob Astorino, left, released his first ad, asserting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's housing plan would lower property values in Long Island. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino launched his first ad in an effort to rebut Democratic attacks on his housing record, according to Capital New York. 

Astorino's ad, which is targeted at Nassau County residents, attacks Gov. Andrew Cuomo's housing policy and his support of placing high-density affordable housing in suburban areas, Capital New York said. 

The ad comes in response to a pair of Democratic State Committee-sponsored ads lambasting Astorino for ignoring the terms of a housing discrimination settlement in Westchester County, Capital New York reported. 

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Comments (4)

Good move by Astorino – Cuomo “was” the architect of the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle that led to the housing crash in 2008 – not Bush. Under Clinton [we all remember him in the “Oval” office] Cuomo was the head of Housing and Urban Development and engineered the policy that gave people who could not afford houses the money for down payments [that in many cases was zero] with subprime mortgages; when those loans could not be paid – the housing market crashed and the banks and those who sold those mortgages to markets around the world fell apart and tanked the economy for the past six years from which we have yet to recover [thanks to O’Bama]. So what now, O’Bama is coming to New York to tell everyone how wonderful Cuomo is because of the next debacle that New Yorkers will pay dearly for - a bridge that will cost several billion dollars. And, O’Bama will tell everyone that the federal government, who has already pledged one billion dollars, will give him even more – more from whom – from the taxpayer that’s who. These people have no money – it is the money that belongs to the taxpayers. We don’t need O’Bama to come here and ruin the day for commuters and the like – let him come on Sunday afternoon and leave Sunday night. Cuomo knows he is in trouble – but I would offer some friendly Republican advice for free – you think that O’Bama is going to help you in this race for reelection? It will have the opposite effect. So bring him on so we can see what a phony he really has become.

The crash came from demographics. Populations were aging rapidly and populations wanted to save for their retirements. Using market values, houses were overpriced and leverage was played out. When the market came to its senses about the overpriced houses, the bubble broke. Before the break lenders could have a flip to a higher price buyer even for lier-loan borrowers..

There was an element of disgusting greed by people using leverage to walk up values of their housing. It is only fair that poor people be given a shot at the racket. In general not everybody can become rich doing mortgage games. Our academic community fell asleep at the switch.
Don't get me wrong I think Andrew Cuomo is a jackass.

Cuomo should direct his anger towards his own party. They promise everything to the working people but deliver nothing but higher taxes and corruption. Just ask the people of Mount Vernon.

Rob Astorino has been a working County Executive, who has done a fine job and lending an air of class to the position. We could do with a breath of fresh air in Albany. (Why does Gov. Cuomo look like an angry madman when he delivers an address?)