White Plains – Did You Know?

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This menu, printed on blueprint paper, was for an engineer’s dinner held as the construction of the New York, Westchester & Bronx Railroad approached completion in 1911. Photo Credit: City of White Plains

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Did you know that The Westchester Mall sits on what used to be the Westchester Avenue stop on the New York, Westchester and Boston Railway (NYW&B)?

The all-electric railway was built between 1906 and 1912. The Westchester Avenue terminal was one of four White Plains stations. 

The NYW&B stopped service when it went bankrupt in 1937. 

Before the railway was completed in 1912, an engineer’s dinner was held. Because no expense was spared in building the line, it has been called Westchester County’s “million-dollar-a-mile railroad.”

The original of this menu is part of the McParian Collection at the White Plains City Archives.

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The Westchester Mall opened in 1995. The B Altman Dept store moved from the corner of E Post Rd and Mamaroneck to a building where Nordstrom is today back in 1950. In the Mall one can find information about the rail line next to the Mall's office off the Food Court. The Greenway is a trail created on part of the old rails bed. Information about the rail line can be found where the trail crosses Ridgeway near the school. Other parts of the rail bed are still visible from streets north and south of Gedney Way. There is a tunnel that goes under Bryant Ave which one can view from the Municipal Lot on Mamaroneck Ave. near the Bloomingdale Rd intersection. The former rail bed has buildings on it along Bloomingdale Rd between the Mamaroneck and Maple Ave intersections. There is a fountain from the original B. Altman's of NYC (closed when company went under) in the Mall at the lowest level to the parking garage where the escalators go below outside of Nordstrom's near the the Concierge Desk. When they were doing construction below Neiman Marcus a while back they found tunnels which might have been from the rail line. I am writing a book about the remnants of history in White Plains that predate 1940 if you want more information. I have done a lot of research on the city and have photographs. I hope to give a copy of my work to the library in the near future.

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