Super Bowl Draws White Plains Family, Friends Together

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Erik Valladares (left) will watch the Super Bowl with his wife and friends at Dunne's Pub. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Erik Valladares of White Plains will watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers at Dunne’s Pub with his wife and friends, which, he said, has become a Super Bowl tradition.

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Valladares is a New York Giants fan, but will root for the 49ers because he has lived in California. However, with his primary team not in contention, the big game is more about being with friends and family, not to mention all of the wings and beer.

“The people I watch the Super Bowl with take off that Monday,” he said.

Jonathan Kaplan, who will watch the game at his brother’s house, contemplated a world where the Monday after the Super Bowl was a national holiday while eating lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday with friends.

“It’s like Christmas, it’s a tradition,” Kaplan said.

Dalia Magana of White Plains said she goes to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house every year. While she does watch the game, this year she is most looking forward to the half-time performance by Beyonce.

Unlike Magana, Aisha Farley of White Plain, only watches for the commercials, but will go to a Super Bowl party to be with friends and family.

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