Westchester Winter Olympics: Curb Jumping, Speed Shoveling, Pothole Slalom

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Westchester residents are finding the winter of 2013-2014 an Olympic challenge. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- While the world's best winter sports athletes are competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Westchester residents are becoming adept at some winter sports of their own.


What is the most challenging Westchester Winter Olympic sport?

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What is the most challenging Westchester Winter Olympic sport?

  • Pothole Slalom -- avoiding potholes without hitting another vehicle.

  • Speed shoveling -- keeping sidewalks and driveways clear

  • Curb Jumping -- crossing busy intersections without getting slushed

  • Pre-Storm Shopping -- Getting through crowds of frantic shoppers at the A&P

  • Finding My Car -- Digging out the car and finding a parking space

  • Sidewalk Curling -- Slip-sliding to my destination without a broom

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Left with as much as 60 inches of snowfall over the last two months, schools closures, missed work, horrific commuting challenges and cardiac stressed bouts of snow shoveling, locals are dealing with cabin fever and dreams of spring fever.

The demands of a bad-weather winter have become a test of physical and mental endurance as motorists, pedestrians and school kids maneuver through piles of snow and ice, slushy pavements, hovering icicles, snow packed roofs and roads filled with pot holes.

Can you suggest a Westchester Winter Olympic sport? Leave your comment here in the Comments section.

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Comments (6)


The weather is always topical. it is something that mostg people obsess over . this article was funny and creative. seriously flies and MrR you need to look towards another hobby rather than disrespect reporters. as my mother told me 45 years ago.....if you have nothing nice to say about someon than say nothing at all

Danny. keep up the excellent work.


If you think this is reporting (even on the weather), funny, or creative, you really need to take another look at it. Either that or a dictionary.


Thanks for the comments...lighten up a bit.


It really is pathetic, though. Do you wear a big hat when collecting your paycheck?


The level of creativity astounds. C'mon man, break a sweat. This is getting embarrassing.


Another "report" about weather (this one utterly pointless) and a photo outside Chelsea (about 2 minutes from where you are). You're a lazy, lazy man, LoPriore.

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