Owners Replacing Butterfield 8 In White Plains With BBQ Franchise

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Jennifer Sousou
Jennifer Sousou Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly
Debbie Lublin, a lifelong White Plains resident, was happy a barbecue place is opening.
Debbie Lublin, a lifelong White Plains resident, was happy a barbecue place is opening. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – With newspapers covering its signature large windows, residents passing Butterfield 8 on Wednesday wondered what happened to the upscale restaurant at the corner of Mamaroneck Avenue and East Post Road.

The restaurant owners recently bought a Brother Jimmy’s BBQ franchise, which will take the place of Butterfield 8 when renovations are complete.

Debbie Lublin, a lifelong White Plains resident, said there aren’t enough barbecue restaurants in the area. She said she is looking forward to the new addition, especially because it is unique to Mamaroneck Avenue. But, she was sad to see Butterfield 8 go.

“That’s crazy,” she said. “The food and the atmosphere, it was not like the rest. It was more classy, upscale. It was a lot different.”

Danielle Omara and Laurie Besen, who both work in White Plains, said they worry that Brother Jimmy’s will attract a younger crowd compared to Butterfield 8, which both said they enjoyed for the food and atmosphere.

“It was different,” she said. “Even the crowd at night after work was older, so you didn’t have the college kids coming and running amok. And I heard the brunch was really nice, too.”

Mayor Thomas Roach was happy that the Butterfield 8 owner is staying in White Plains with a new business, which also has six New York City locations including one in Yankee Stadium. It also has one in New Jersey and three in south Florida.

Kathy Patrick, who works in White Plains, said she liked the atmosphere at Butterfield 8, but didn’t share the enthusiasm for its food. Like Patrick, Jennifer Sousou, who ate lunch next door at Haiku Wednesday, said the restaurant was usually quiet, if not empty.

With several food places closing in recent months, including Pancheros, Energy Kitchen and Cheeburger Cheeburger, some residents weighed in on what they would like to see. Omara and Besen didn’t hesitate with their suggestion for a juice bar akin to Yonkers’ Juices for Life.

Sousou said Mamaroneck Avenue already has Mexican food with Lola’s Kitchen, Asian food with Haiku and the soon-to-open Red Plum, and that it needs a Middle Eastern restaurant with hookah. 

What type of business do you think Mamaroneck Avenue needs? 

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Comments (9)

Would it kill Danny Meyer to open a Shake Shack ANYWHERE in Westchester? White Plains obviously has plenty of space, but really, I'd like to see one anywhere in the county. There are Shacks in CT, in LA, Vegas, even freaking Dubai for crying out loud! Why does Westchester get no love from Mr. Meyer?

I would like another seafood restaurant as all of the local restaurants are closed now. Obviously, there should now be enough health clubs for everyone, but maybe a yoga studio would work. I thought that where the cup cake place was would make a good spot for a deli, but it's another bakery.

There should be a home cooking African American restaurant.There are not any and the food is quite tasty.Perhaps with a Jazz Ensemble playing.

I never ate there since I have young children, but I work near the NYC location. If the prices ( especially for lunch ) were the same as NYC , this would explain its closing. plus , check the yelp reviews , not exactly glowing. With all of the Bar/Pubs in the area, I really don't think a brother Jimmy's will add to the younger crowd, it will just spread it out a little.
BTW- Brother Jimmy's has the BEST ribs period, I used to live near the UES store in NYC.

I went by store today and what's with the ugly newspaper? Going to reopen, then at least put up nice paper or ads advertising the new restaurant. Ugly!

I went by last night and thought it was a shame to see it papered up. I'm glad it is the owners changing the style and not due to a fire. I hope the BBQ place works out.
I would like to see a Korean restaurant on Mamaroneck Ave.

Heard Lilli Pilli is owned by Capelli's wife. Not thrilled with menu. Too many bar/restaurants in area & competition is killing even good businesses. Rents are too high. Mamaroneck Area/Post Rd corridor is ugly and filthy. Sidewalks/roads need to be redone, not just patched. Parking fees are a big turn off. People don't want to walk even a block to get to entrance especially when everything is unattractive. Areas where plantings are or used to be need to be redesigned, maintained; cleaned up. Either plant trees in empty areas or get rid off them. Planters are empty most of the year and are ugly during colder months. A planter next to a planting section is taking up sidewalk walking space. Brick on sidewalks, often come loose or are gone. Begging, illegal selling, bottle people with store shopping carts & Jehovah Witnesses people don't attract new people to area. Rents are too high and many empty stores in this area. Bricks in street where this restaurant is doesn't help and they need to clean the black step up area along Post Rd that is dirty. Webster Bank has dead plant in entrance way across the street. Dog owners not curbing dogs along Waller Ave in grass along sidewalk is a turn off. Construction has also been a turn off especially on Main Street, Waller and around hospital. Tall buildings bring wind and make it difficult to walk. Park on Main St next to Grace Church hasn't been completed and with Renaissance Plaza Fountain the city is turning all but the homeless away. City not fixing things like traffic light by Macy's is a problem. Traffic lights are too long for pedestrians so many just cross in front of on going cars or in middle of roads. Cars don't let pedestrians cross first. Lines for crosswalks, stop lines and lanes fading away. Fix the little things so people will walk down the streets giving the opened stores business.

I drove by yesterday, was shocked and puzzled, Now I"m a little happy and this makes sense. Brother Jimmy's is a great place, Butterfield 8 was good, bar was nice. Good luck and I look forward to some great BBQ

Lilli Pilli on Main Street (near City Center, next to Five Guys) has excellent juices. All of the food there is delicious.